OneTouch Philosophy of Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love is the energy of Creation. It is a state of consciousness, rather than an emotion.

When we truly understand Unconditional Love, we will truly understand who we really are. And we can use this knowledge – this self-realisation – to unhook from feeding into the current negative fear-based reality that is all around us. When we do this, we find that we can create marvelous things. Amazing things. Wondrous things. For ourselves and others in our lives. We will then be able to truly express the Love that we really are in material form, effortlessly, seamlessly and with grace. Immediately.”

– Anna in a recent newsletter to friends and clients

Just Being Ourselves

We believe that each of us comes from Love and ultimately we all return to this Love. Love is the essence of who we all are and all that is, and we are here to express it in our own way, individually and together. It’s more empowering to support each other in being ourselves, without fear, censure nor the need to devalue anyone else.

We are not afraid to be ourselves. Some people think that this is a weakness and are afraid that it might expose their vulnerabilities. Here at OneTouch, we see acceptance of ourselves and all that is to be our strength and a source of our personal power.

Trusting our Inner Wisdom

We are all born with an inner wisdom. This is otherwise known as our “intuition”. What we think is balanced by how we feel about it and vice versa. When we remember how to use our inner wisdom, and more importantly we trust it, we find all our questions and uncertainties are answered. We become more empowered to make our own decisions and maybe even take risks, knowing that our intuition will always give us a clear way forward.

Inspiring Ourselves and Each Other

“No man is an island” is a famous old saying and so true! In each other we see that we all have the same hopes, fears, dreams and vision, where-ever in the world we might come from. And, whilst we may not like what someone is thinking, feeling or dreaming, we respect their right to do so, engaging or not as we feel fit.

  Wainwright Our Sweetheart

When we are able to give freely our respect and support to each other, things just flow and it all becomes so much more simple and easy. What goes around comes around, we believe.

Remembering Our Shared Humanity

Life can be a bit of a paradox in that whilst we are all different, we are all essentially the same inside. Simple acts of kindness and optimism can lead to huge rewards in terms of mutual cooperation, although that is not why we offer them. Smiles too can make everyone’s day and brighten up many lives. When we uplift someone else, we find ourselves uplifted too because life isn’t just about me-me-me. And when we remember to take life less seriously and play together more often, it all becomes more fun too!

Taking Responsibility for Change

Forget about trying to change our chaotic world, it’s not going to happen, not overnight and maybe not ever until each of us takes personal responsibility to make a difference by being the change we wish to see in the world. Be secure enough in your own power to know that this is true.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our philosophy and to say to you:

Welcome to our world!

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